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Saša Milivojev - COSMIC MOTHER

Sasha Milivoyev - Saša Milivojev Saša Milivojev COSMIC MOTHER Sent by God to thaw me Our genes to entwine Endure all instead of me Delight me with the light you shine Warm my fervent heart like iron Mother When your soul gave life to me You flew away like a firefly Nursed with milk by destiny Bathed its babe in tears she cried Embraced was I by loneliness Murdered by love’s sweet caress Mother Don’t shed your tears Don’t kneel My soul will help you heal Once all is encompassed by silence and agony Too late we were to meet, you and me And so crucified Mother I had to be Saša Milivojev Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska SAŠA MILIVOJEV 萨沙•米利沃耶夫 ,  Saşa Milivoyev ,  サーシャ・ミリヴォエフ ,  Sasha Milivoyev ,  साशा मिलीवोएव ,  Саша Миливойев ,  ساشا میلیوویف ,  Saša Milivojev ,  Σάσα Μιλιβόγιεφ ,  Sasa Milivojev ,  Sacha Milivoyév ,  Sascia Milivoev ,  Sasza Miliwojew ,  Sacha Milivoev ,  Sasha Milivojev ,  ሳሻ ሚሊቮዬቭ ,  Саша Миливоев ,  Саша Миливојев ,  ساشا ميليفويف