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Saša Milivojev - THE HOMELESS

Saša Milivojev - Sasha Milivoyev Saša Milivojev THE HOMELESS Snow. Ice. Bitterness. Fear. Huger. Distress. Darkness. Hopelessness. Without water and electricity. Without liberty. Nobody, just me,   and a cold blanket sighing sadly. And nothing else. Betrayals countless. Without a friendly face. Without an embrace. Puddles of tears surround me, I will cut my wrists to end this misery. My frostbite wounds Millions of people are passing by never a one to stop to offer a shoulder on which to cry I don’t need anything no cash, no bread no shoes, no roof over my head just a single heart to start beating beating for me, crazily.       Saša Milivojev   Translated by  Ljubica Yentl Tinska SAŠA MILIVOJEV 萨沙•米利沃耶夫 ,  Saşa Milivoyev ,  サーシャ・ミリヴォエフ ,  Sasha Milivoyev ,  साशा मिलीवोएव ,  Саша Миливойев ,  ساشا میلیوویف ,  Saša Milivojev ,  Σάσα Μιλιβόγιεφ ,  Sasa Milivojev ,  Sacha Milivoyév ,  Sascia Milivoev ,  Sasza Miliwojew ,  Sacha Milivoev ,  Sasha Milivojev ,  ሳሻ ሚሊቮዬቭ ,  Саша Миливоев ,  Са