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Saša Milivojev - THE STRANGER, Weary of World’s Pain

Saša Milivojev, Zanzibar, Tanzania Saša Milivojev THE STRANGER Weary of World’s Pain Stranger to the audience. Stranger in the community and the family. A stranger to one’s own mother, A shadow to one’s own shadow, A foreigner in the country of one’s own, in every land he has been in In the town he was born in Abandoned by hope in every town worldwide on every planet one could find. A worldwise vagabond, With disheartened face, targeted by murderers and madman alike Across distant deserts and seas Windbourne with no goals or dreams. Betrayed by everyone, Abandoned tranquilly “friends” fiends, He has forgiven them, Perished to the infinite Never to be back again. For noone will ache, love or forgive, man is a machine with nothing to give. All life in one suitcase unsettled, macabre soaring across dreary universe homeless, roofless, with no dreams or aim, weary of World’s pain. Saša Milivojev Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska SAŠA MILIVOJEV 萨沙•米利沃耶夫 ,  Saşa Milivoy