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Saša Milivojev - AMAL (from Yemen)

Saša Milivojev : Sasha Milivoyev Saša Milivojev AMAL In the rhythm of the Pain of the World  a song dedicated to a girl from Yemen  who died of starvation - Mother I am hungry, I am hungry momma. - Sleep now my beloved, close your eyes and see, from Jannah your father shall return to thee. Through remnants and ruins and dunes of blood seas full of dead bodies and starving sharks walked towards the sun in the skies barefoot, faint and hungry girl with teary eyes. I am hungry momma… Hungry mothers tears are trying to hide from the eyes of their children seeing mountains of bones of those who died Body covered In abaya, crucified trembling in the eye of the child Even heavens cried the bloody tears yet from brazen World not a word was heard - Daddy will not come back, Instead to him I shall go. I am not afraid to go on my own, but mother, I am too late, I know, Look at my bones, look at me, my skin they cannot carry. Bomb blasted the Yemen train ravaged the desert to deserted plain dug ou


Sasha Milivoyev / Saša Milivojev Saša Milivojev A MESSAGE AFTER DEATH And I have died, in antiquity, and noone ached for me. Some rejoiced, young as I was, as I bled on the cross, drenched in blood, in agony. Not a single tear rolled down for me, when they nailed my bones to yew, the dzelats were singing sneeringly. and I was smiling, forgivingly. In that life so brief, in that cauldron of hell in the tarnished jaws I begged for love with poetry, fruitlessly. And as I have perished to all I have forgiven, soaring to Third Heaven. Into the mountains of crimson jade, Barefoot with the angels I stroll, It is raining milk and honey on the squares of the city of gold, just as it did before. Here, there is no pain and misery, resentment and poverty, fear and sin, by the beautiful streams, sweet fruits are blossoming, here, love is always waiting for you when you come to stay from far, far away. Saša Milivojev Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska SAŠA MILIVOJEV 萨沙•米利沃耶夫 ,