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Saša Milivojev Saša Milivojev THE REJOICING SONG Grateful to the skies And the darkest nights, To the moon and stars That are my night’s lights. Morning and the Mosques That wake me unsleeping, When hopes of new victories Upon me are awakening. Through these empyrean gardens Where black gold is flowing, No wicked thoughts are growing. No sadness and hunger, Resentment and pain, Here, one can love again. In the warm desert Thirsting for love. Grateful my life, To the blue infinity of freedom To the Sun that shines the light That gilts the sands with golden flames And the Sea that hums a lullaby Whose waters rise and fall with tide. Drown the troubles, surface blessedness, Here, where every cry diminishes. Grateful to the Nature, Earth and Water For the yields, Sweet fruits, Bees on flowers, Honeyed lips, Coconut in the palms of my hands And the wild beasts That emboldened me. The compassionate And the charitable. To the seed of men, Mothers that birth Children that warm our hearts And t