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Saša Milivojev - CORONA

Sasha Milivoyev - Saša Milivojev Saša Milivojev CORONA   A bloodthirsty old woman you see, a cockroach from the Satan’s “Crisis Committee”, For long she pillaged, children she snatched and slayed their blood she drank and ate, to rejuvenate. She flayed their skin, affixed in place on her own face, Corona was her name, The old hag was insane. When her evil deeds were told, the airplanes soared, in aim to kill us all. On Earth they made the poisons fall. They had us all locked down, with muzzles restrained, padlocks and chains, ankle bracelets for home detention, false tests on prescription, deceived and plundered, blamed for infection, medications proscribed, fresh air they denied, On our freedom they put boundaries, halfwits, scoundrels. And when they “eased up” on their “measures”, the camps were full over the rim, large - scale butchering, looted livers and kidneys, burning the living victims, “to prevent the spread of infection” evidence concealed for our own protection. She had wor

Saša Milivojev - THE PUNISHMENT (On the consequences of biological warfare)

Sasha Milivoyev, Saša Milivojev Saša Milivojev THE PUNISHMENT (On the consequences of biological warfare and experimentation on humans. Disturbing images in verse)     What is the world breathing in? We are perishing, Dirty rains are falling, Poisons and genes, Rodents and savages, The tailed and the horned. These are not the bacteria nor the viruses nor the “Conspiracy Theories”, But Satan’s blood thirsty savages, Monstrosities from the laboratories. With a head of the child and a body of a snake He is mourned by his mother, He doesn’t even resemble the old man - the horned goat - his father. Millions of ex-people witlessly meandering the planet, on all fours! Invertedly. At times someone even flies, reversedly. Jumping locusts, We’re becoming crickets, Rodents and cripples, Vaccinated monkeys, hair-covered in the scorched rainforests. Babies are no longer crying, Only frogs can be heard croaking! How wicked have we become, We are the monstrosities, In the fires of Hell on roasts we s