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Saša Milivojev - REFUGEES

Sasha Milivoyev - Saša Milivojev Saša Milivojev REFUGEES   Happy and all smiles Greteful to the Skies In love crazily We sang blissfully Life we worshiped Of what was yet to come we dreamed Never in a million years we'd fear The hell that was becoming was near All we have come by Gone in a blink of an eye You plundered everything from us Cursed criminals Thirsting for blood savages Tore our hearts into pieces Slayed a child in a crib Brothers and sisters to the gallows In petrol set to flames Barbarians Shattered all our dreams Crumbled all to dust Extinguished the sun Darkness Gruesome fear For death we were escaping Hungry and shoeless Through this world so heartless Seeking the inconsolable salvation Upon that hellish flight From that gruesome war We came across some folk divine Who planted a seed of hope Once upon a border crossing We were battered For help when we were seeking In the forest of the howling wolves We were hiding Embraced by the flames of fire We were warming The