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Sasha Milivoyev - The pain of the world; Saša Milivojev - Svetski bol; Саша Миливојев - Светски бол; ساشا ميليفويف - الوجع العالمي

Saša Milivojev - THE PAIN OF THE WORLD, published 2024. ISBN 978-86-914737-1-6 The book "The pain of the world" by Sasha Milivoyev is a poetic masterpiece that delves into the essence of human suffering and trauma worldwide. Through verses in English, Serbian and Arabic, Milivoyev explores not only the pain of individuals but also the collective suffering of humanity. His poetry is not just a reflection of reality but also a catalyst for change – a call for empathy, understanding, and action in creating a better world. Through this collection, Milivoyev reminds us of our common humanity and responsibility towards all who suffer, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and solidarity as a path to true understanding and healing. Knjiga „Svetski bol“ autora Saše Milivojeva je poetsko remek-delo koje nas uvlači u suštinu ljudske patnje i traume širom sveta. Kroz stihove na srpskom, arapskom i engleskom jeziku, Milivojev istražuje ne samo bol pojedinca, već i kolektivnu patnju čove

Professor PhD Mila Alečković about the poetry of Saša Milivojev

Professor PhD Mila Alečković Professor PhD Mila Alečković about the poetry of Saša Milivojev Had it not been for a fact that I myself am a child of a poet, I may have failed to perceive the talent of a young man who lives faraway from his hometown, yet not far from his ancient archetype. Was Sasha Milivoyev born a poet, or is this what he had become, out of what breadth bears in its trail, that sharpens the senses and adds up all the sufferings, regardless. Milivoyev is simply a poet in the melancholy backdrop of the maker, who is sheltered and strengthened by his verses. Milivoyev knows that with poetry one transcends to timelessness, to infinity, to imortality and namelessness in which we become the twins and transmitters of Chist's words, hence in his "Message After death" he says: And I have died, in antiquity, and noone ached for me. Some rejoiced, young as I was, as I bled on the cross, drenched in blood, in agony. Not a single tear rolled down for me, when they na


PROFESSOR EMERITUS PHD RADE BOŽOVIĆ Professor emeritus PhD Rade Božović about the verses  of Saša Milivojev's "Pain of the world" A prolonged and warning cry of Saša Milivojev is always and anew prompting us to carefully contemplate the world we are living in. Alas, the world is far too small for a true literate and must be treated planetarly. However, these verses of Saša are not sent forth from Pan's flute, they are wailing from Rumi's Nay, a type of Middle-Eastern flute. And it seems as if, they are once again embodying the warning and worrying words of Rumi "Don't sit under a tree with those that do not understand you, sit only with those who know and understand you. Sit only under a tree that is full of blossoms", from now on.  My Saša, it is hard being a poet in these times, dry and wasted. It is as hard as ascending the Axis mundi , the never-ending, invisible, heavenly pillar. The heavens are soaring and the earth is unyielding. A timber po

Famous actress about the poetry of Saša Milivojev

Saša Milivojev - THE PAIN OF THE WORLD Famous actress  about the poetry of Saša Milivojev Saša Milivojev, the poet, in the bewildering shism between his angelic appearance, the undeniably other-worldly allure, that is in this world of the unsightly in both body and soul, where characteristic ugliness is praised, and where beauty is a thorn in the eye, where hate is obstructing one from seeing deeper than the beautiful surface, hence, in a shism with his unquestionable intellect and sensibility, and the aptness to comprehend the ruthlessness of this world in its entirety. Bravely writing his verses, tearing above all, his own soul, and then the souls of those thoughtful and powerless to change anything, being undoubtedly a minority, in the face of a constant danger of evil that is threatening to devour them. These songs from the quill of the pure and valiant soul, that wishes not to accept the injustice, arose directly from the depths of pain and powerlessness to change anything, still

Saša Milivojev - SVETSKI BOL

Saša Milivojev Saša Milivojev SVETSKI BOL I u ovom veku R e k e   k r v i   t e k u B o m b e   o djeku j u D e c u   u b i j a j u G l a v e   o d r u b l j u j u M i l i o n i   g l a d u j u B o l e s t i   p r o ždiru A ti pevaš   Drhte vešala Doline leševa U slanim suzama Gnojnim ranama Plen smo vranama   Gnjila creva Gladnim vukovima   Srušena kuća Mali dečak jeca Nad telom mrtvog oca   Srušene škole Hramovi i mostovi Vrište krvavi svatovi   Mali beli sanduci Majčinski jauci Iznad Urana Čuju se bolni urlici U ludilu buncaju pesnici A ti ćutiš   Oči su ti izvadili Kad su ti ćerku silovali Žicom zadavili Braću su ti oteli U podrumu ih mukom mučili Metalnim cevima Prste im lomili Testerama lobanje otvarali Noge kolima rastrgali Udove mačetama odsecali Kožu s leđa odrali Šlepere leševa buldožerima zakopavali Kosti putevima zabetonirali Bunar bez dna telima napunili Priđi bliže Pogledaj dole Beskrajni mrak dubine Da čuješ muk vasione   Nevino oko iskrom svetluca Nemoćno na zemlju pada