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Sasha Milivoyev / Saša Milivojev Sasha Milivoyev THE GREAT DYING THE PESTILENCE It’s raining snake venom from the clear blue skies, millions of bacteria, stench of excrement, genes of mice and rats, lead powder dust, quicksilver droplets, on the planet of the “reptiles” piles of human corpses. They poisoned God no less, and all else is vague, Here comes hunger and agony, rabies, AIDS and plague. Put your mask on. Lock up your doors. Street is not the place to be, The horror is outdoors, the devil has come, to take you to the camp, the great dying has begun. Prepare to retaliate! Below the camp they are harrowing it’s gas chambers they’re preparing. And I am stealing time, blood-soaked to my knees, to defend myself with explosives, as the fool once said: “Graveyards will be too small for us all”. Even on the verge of the abyss, no less, in the face of pestilence be fearless, someone will remain, children will be birthing just the same, Thy will be done, noone can extinguish the Sun. Saš