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PROFESSOR EMERITUS PHD RADE BOŽOVIĆ Professor emeritus PhD Rade Božović about the verses  of Saša Milivojev's "Pain of the world" A prolonged and warning cry of Saša Milivojev is always and anew prompting us to carefully contemplate the world we are living in. Alas, the world is far too small for a true literate and must be treated planetarly. However, these verses of Saša are not sent forth from Pan's flute, they are wailing from Rumi's Nay, a type of Middle-Eastern flute. And it seems as if, they are once again embodying the warning and worrying words of Rumi "Don't sit under a tree with those that do not understand you, sit only with those who know and understand you. Sit only under a tree that is full of blossoms", from now on.  My Saša, it is hard being a poet in these times, dry and wasted. It is as hard as ascending the Axis mundi , the never-ending, invisible, heavenly pillar. The heavens are soaring and the earth is unyielding. A timber po

Famous actress about the poetry of Saša Milivojev

Saša Milivojev - THE PAIN OF THE WORLD Famous actress  about the poetry of Saša Milivojev Saša Milivojev, the poet, in the bewildering shism between his angelic appearance, the undeniably other-worldly allure, that is in this world of the unsightly in both body and soul, where characteristic ugliness is praised, and where beauty is a thorn in the eye, where hate is obstructing one from seeing deeper than the beautiful surface, hence, in a shism with his unquestionable intellect and sensibility, and the aptness to comprehend the ruthlessness of this world in its entirety. Bravely writing his verses, tearing above all, his own soul, and then the souls of those thoughtful and powerless to change anything, being undoubtedly a minority, in the face of a constant danger of evil that is threatening to devour them. These songs from the quill of the pure and valiant soul, that wishes not to accept the injustice, arose directly from the depths of pain and powerlessness to change anything, still


Daliborka Stojšić DALIBORKA STOJŠIĆ "SAŠA MILIVOJEV THE SON OF THE SOUL" (Daliborka Stojšić is a famous Serbian artist and ex-Miss of the former Yugoslavia) WHEN THE FIREFLY IS GONE - reviewed by Daliborka Stojšić When I first saw a photograph of Saša Milivojev in a newspaper, my lips spontaneously whispered: Tadzio ! It was a reaction to his angelic beauty of the kind that once mesmerised me when I read Death in Venice as part of the preparation of a paper entitled The Novellas of Thomas Mann at the World Literature Department of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. The Hellenic, Apollonian beauty of the young Pole that I recognised on his face, is often unaware of itself. It belongs to the kind so agonisingly loved by Thomas Mann, to those blue-eyed and simple creatures that need no spirit. It also conforms to Schiller’s principle of the naïve, as opposed to the sentimental, which separates itself from life, contemplates, writes poems and falls while dancing. Sasha Mil